Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

endless unity

Today proved another busy, useful day. I look forward to a solid day of effort tomorrow, and then an early long weekend.

I hate it that the dogs must go into kennel. I took them out for a walk tonight around 8:30. We are already having a warm Summer in Spring, with water restrictions and temperatures at July levels. We paused a number of times because Bea likes to take warm weather walks with a winsome wakeful wide-eyed waiting and wandering.

The website to which I post my music reset the "page views" count, which moved me from from number 1 with 10,000 plus views to number 10 with 10 views. This is healthy, because it will give others a chance to "move to the top". Tonight I took a piece I did with LeftOver Brass, combined it with
two samples from other artists, and then added a spoken word track to create a new remix at

I have a good sci fi book to finish, a bag to pack, a vidcam to recharge, and daydreams to dreamday.

By Friday afternoon, I hope to be in cool, deep woods, experiencing life as one endless unity.

Gurdonark--"One Endless Unity".
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