Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

100 degree bea

Today we went to a different church, which we enjoyed. We had meant to go to a Unitarian church in Dallas, but we left getting ready too late. So we headed to a Methodist church more local. Today was a day when ministers, including the head minister, were departing, which is the way of Methodist churches, which rotate pastors about a fair bit. We liked the service, which featured traditional hymns like "How Firm a Foundation" and a sermon with a pleasing social action bent.

We then went to a goodbye reception for the outgoing ministers, which gave new meaning to that Beatles tag about not knowing why folks say goodbye, because I say "hello. hello, hello".

I went to Weight Watchers for the first time in three weeks, to find I had gained two pounds. This happens periodically, and no longer causes me angst or worry, but instead merely reminds me to get back on track. The little Weight Watchers sermonette might have been titled "Milk--and you", and focused on the fact that even for the lactose tolerant, drinking milk (like drinking water for another group of folks) is a difficulty. I love milk, so it was roughly like someone encouraging me to make sure I had stocked up on my Kool-Aid.

I walked our dogs in the 100 degree heat, which they enjoyed, though Bea stopped us often during the walk to rest on her journey, which I thought in this instance wise practice. We ate a soup my wife made from my Julia Child cookbook. She pointed out to me something I did not know, which is that my cookbook is autographed. I can no longer remember the circumstances of why I have that cookbook, but I am sure I never met Julia Child.

We listened to Kristy Kruger on the local public radio station, who was featured in a show in which she explained her songs song by song. She always had a good patter for each song, which would not always be easy, because for me "The Great Blue Heron Contemplates" would result in me telling a long story about sunfishing at the Park Hill Prairie, which is perhaps not hip public radio.

I anticipate a busy week, but a blissful weekend to come, and I am eager to go and live in both.

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