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arbuckle saturday

We met our friends Scott and Donna last night to see "an inconvenient truth", which I found energizing. We ate bowls of fruit at the coffee shop across the way from the Plano Angelika afterward and talked about all and sundry.

I worked on an animation last night, but settled on a photo collage today to accompany a classical-esque piece by Marco Raaphorst called "Blowing Snow", which I've posted at at:

I enjoyed finding Creative Commons photos by people more gifted than I am from which to assemble the collage.

I picked up my 14 year old local nephew this morning at 8 a.m. so that we could drive a couple of hours north to the Arbuckle Mountains of Oklahoma. We had previously made a pact to celebrate the cessation of scholastic hostilities in his eighth grade year with a trip to hike in the mountains.

We made it to Sulphur, which I had not visited in two decades. We went to the Chickasaw national park, which begins on the outskirts of town. For some reason, when I asked the kind ranger for directions to a walking trail which was a bit more hill-ish than the foothills area we were in, he got the impression I was asking something along the lines of how to rappel off the face of Roosevelt in South Dakota, and begin a "people who died" recital which might have been at home in a Jim Carroll song. When I convinnced him that we merely wanted to stay on a trail on a non-risky simple path from which we could get views, he actually directed us to one a quarter mile away that met our needs perfectly.

The trail was called "Bromide lookout", or some such, and it was a nice hillish area from which one could see a nice valley-ish area, in the very understated "we're some of the oldest mountains in the America and you'd be tiny, too, if you were this old" way of the Arbuckles.

We walked the trail past bison, who are kept by the park, and saw two different yearling doe deer,
neither of whom was sufficiently wary of our presence. We talked and took pictures had a thoroughly wonderful time. We visited sulpherous springs, which gave us the Sherlock Holmes explanation of how the town of Sulphur, Oklahoma got its name, and explains why the smell of decay emanating from the river resulted from natural forces.

On the way to Turner Falls, we stopped at a go-kart rental place. It had been decades since I have ridden a go-kart. The owner charged us the princely sum of four dollars a head, gave us directions well-suited to a formula 1 race, started our lawnmower-y engines, and then let us ride of a satisfying and extended time. My nephew lapped me, because my size made me too top heavy to feel good about taking turns at full speed, but we both had a great time.

Turner Falls is in the thick of the Arbuckles, a city park in Davis, Oklahoma in which
flowing water and a waterfall are charmingly turned into a public swimming pool. Although tons of families were there to swim and wade, we found lots of good places to walk and take in breathtaking panoramas. I hope we got good pictures.

I dropped my nephew off, and posted the youtube, and my wife and I had a wonderful grilled chicken dinner. Today was fun, and I can hardly wait to review the photos and video.

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