Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Let's talk about you

Recently, I've enjoyed I hope you'll pardon me (being, as so many of you are, the forgiving kind) if I don't embark on some materially analytical exposition of LiveJournal versus Myspace, a comparison far less fun than Captain Marvel versus Mighty Mouse. For me, they are completely different spaces, but both have their uses, and besides, I like that everyone talks about myspace's web interface as if it had more repairs than Han Solo's spaceship,and yet it seems to be knocking out death stars right and left lately. So I'll spend no space on the theory of myspace--in my own little space, I'm thrilled that so many of you are on my friends' list there, and also that people from Bulgaria sometimes ask me to be their friend. I am partial to the idea of Bulgaria, although I have never been there, so it has a National Geographic/NPR feel for me.

I'd like to create a new space here, though. I'd like to create Yourspace. It's not an original idea of mine, I am sure. But it is the idea of the evening. I'd like to ask you to do mre a favor.

Let's talk about you.

I've talked enough about me, particularly when I really enjoy that rose meme I set up last week, but I still have roses to give and songs to sing there. I'd like instead to talk about you--or, really, to read about you.

Please take the comments section of this post, and turn it into a huge advertisement for yourself.
Tell me and my other readers what you are about these days, what you're good at, what you enjoy, what you've accomplished, your secret skills, and anything else fun and self-laudatory that you can fit into the comments.

I am all for modesty, being, after all,from Arkansas, but I respectfully and humbly submit to you that in this context hesitance and silence are not modest, but a form of restrained and repressed immodesty, as if the reader decides to be "above the fray". I think it's an affectation to say "there is nothing special about me" or "I hate to brag".

After all, the comments to this post are Yourspace. I am an extremely appreciative audience. I don't care if your comment is about your latest paper doll design or how you sold a novel.
You don't need to be an artist or a business success or a domestic godling for me. I am everything and I am nothing and I am not the subject of this post, nor are my opinions of any importance to your comment.

What is my motive? It's simple, you see. I love to get to know you all. I love your bad moods and your mundane thoughts and even your exhausting dreams. I see your explanations and defenses and sadnesses and fleeting joys.

But if I am to know you better, I must see your unrestrained self-promotion and self-definition.

Could I have that in a few paragraphs, please? In the comments?

Write freely, write without hesitation.

Write about you.

Let's read about you.

Please comment as if my comments were Yourspace,
and it's time to sing your song for all to hear.

Self-promote. Pleased to meet you.
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