Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

logoly and "climb ev'ry mountain"

Friday we got an early start on the drive back to Arkansas, passing the customary deer in the field and fields of flowers on our way to my father's home. We had a nice Friday evening visit with my father and his wife.

Saturday I arose at dawn to go to my sister's house. My niece, one nephew, my brother-in-law and I went to Logoly State Park in nearby McNeil to try our hand at some fishing. My nine year old niece and I began our visit with a trek around the little park trail, which runs through bottomland through a deeply wooded pine and understory forest.

I fished as I prefer to fish, using earthworms for bait and a little red-and-white bobber. As I sat on the bank, I found myself lying back to stare up at blue skies, white clouds, and the green leaves of a gum tree. I thought to myself how often as a child one looks up at just such a vista, but how rarely as an adult. Soon I fell asleep, and dreamed of my bobber being pulled under. I awoke to find my bobber floating, unmolested, atop the water. My brother-in-law caught two fish, and my niece one, but neither my nephew nor I caught any. My niece and I enjoyed the little park display, with its living honey bee hive display, its small live alligator, and, for my niece, in particular the two dollar agate necklaces. My niece also found the Canadian geese, and in particular their cacophony, to be a curious delight.

I enjoyed a visit with my sister and her husband, who live in a really cool older home in a town of 1100 about twenty miles from the place where I finished high school. My sister described how she has taken to writing magazine articles, which is a good direction for her.

I drove to my father's house, where his wife graciously served a late lunch of home-made vegetable soup, a sandwich and fresh fruit. Then I bathed and took a nap, interspersing sleep with a science fiction novel.

My brother had arrived in town, and our whole family went to Wood's catfish restaurant for dinner.
My wife and I had some trepidation about Wood's, because although the food is good, the menu is not very conducive to those who wish to eat healthy food. I made an exceptino, though,to my normal "never order an entree salad" rule, and had a delightful chef's salad.

We all had a nice visit. After dinner, my sister played the piano, and we sang songs--things about hills coming alive with the sound of music, fellows expressing the concern that if pictures can paint a thousand words then "why can't I paint you?", and various expressions that America, being possessed of ample grain stores, was beautiful in an amber sense. It was fun to sing.

My father has become quite an avid digital camera buff, so we gathered outdoors for a series of
photos. I liked the snaps taken, although my own pictures showed just how wavy my hair can be, and
also how "much thinner" does not equate, quite, to thin. We enjoyed seeing my family very much.
My brother and I drove to the cemetary, where my mother's gravesite is marked by an appropriate stone.

We arose early on Sunday morning, dined on raisin bran,and drove back to Texas. A new movie theater
opened around a five minute drive from us, so we went to see the animated film "Over the Hedge",which was delightful light entertainment. Sunday afternoon I used a great sample of a jungle in Laos as the underpinning for a remix of
a rap artist, producing a result that was not particularly wonderful but which was an intriguing attempt to stretch my skills slightly.

My simple postings continue to gain viewers. I look forward to acquiring more skills
so that I can create more interesting images. My efforts to create a rocketship animation last night failed to blast off.

I'm glad to have Monday off. I'm looking forward to some rest and recreation.

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