Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The least goth gothic film-maker ever

My myspace friends Echochild, a gothic synthesizer band from Essex in that magical place called the United Kingdom, put out a call, asking their listeners to create music videos for them.

I had some time to kill the other day, and created an animated film to accompany their song "Unknown"

The result is posted over at this site. The lyrics of the song are mildly not work-safe, as they use, in the gothic way, a common obscenity to describe life in general. Still, the video is a suitably odd watch.

This animation took 102 frames, but is still quite simple. The next animation I do will be completely different. But I had fun doing the video, even down to (during the end sections when I had run out of animation) slotting my own picture, playing the scowling middle-aged man, into the
last few moments.
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