Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

frio ambiental escuro

Today the work day choreographed itself, dancing like a top from start to stop. The ducklings in the pond get bigger every week. A mockingbird mocked our dogs. We watched American Idol, as to which my favorite of the two finalists is Taylor Hicks, but I never call and vote, thus forfeiting my karaoke franchise. Tomorrow the "Crammed Discs" remix contest at draws to a close. This contest featured the chance to remix the work of Brazilian artists--lots of great samples of congas and bongos and stringed instruments that are not guitars. I tried to do a suitably Rio de Janeiro sounding song, but my track came out something like concrete under construction in the newest sprawl of Brasilia.
It was fun. One of my myspace friends sent me the necessary spoken word track for a collaboration--her reading of that Robert Frost poem about the bird that is some metaphor for something or other. I'm looking forward to working up a song around the track. I read some of Voltaire's poetry, but have no witticisms to share about them. I'm eager for the weekend to arrive, but not until I've had three productive work days first.

I must go buy children's books on tomorrow,to take to a library back in Arkansas.

Gurdonark--"Frio Ambiental Escuro (featuring a remix of Crammed Discs artists Apollo Nove and Cibelle)"

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