Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

roman candle chimp unintended entrendre

For my concert day in the sun I have only mild reddish coloring--shall we say "pumpkinseed sunfish in Spring, only red" to show for my concert experience. I'm glad not to have "red roasted well done".

I enjoy doing these rose meme responses one or two at a time, in a languid, leisurely way, although that may mean that a few will be received after the meme has faded from human memory.

I played dozens of games of blitz chess last night, three minutes a side. I love the blur of flying pieces and emerging patterns. It's like playing with a spirograph, except that the spirograph never takes one's queen.

I got a bulletin on myspace from one of my myspace friends' list folks, an electro-goth band of college kids from Essex over in the UK. The bulletin asked their friends to create music videos from their songs. Over the past couple of days, I've worked up a new animated film to accompany their song. I'm not sure that its multi-colored simplicity fits the lyrics, which deal, in the main, with the "life is difficult" theme. For myself, crayon-y "alien flowers in bloom, with proto-chimp holding roman candle" usually sums up "life is difficult, but cartoons are cool" pretty well.
I sent the video on to the band--if they like it, I'll post it on youtube. If they don't like it (after all, I am less goth than anyone you might meet), I'll take their song out, put my own song in, retitle the film, and post it anyway.

Drawing gif animations is fun, but I am still getting the hang of putting enough action in. I drew 102 sketches for the latest one, but each sketch should have more going on in it. Animated life should be a bit busy, I think. I tend to only enjoy drawing plants and flowers, so I'm going to have to work on the inner fauna.

I spoke with a fellow in Arizona about a distance learning course I am considering taking. I am not sure if it is right for me, after our discussion. It's good to think and dream, though, of new ways to advance what I know. It keeps life seeming like a hallway and not a corner.

I would construct a metaphor derived from my animated chimp with the roman candle, but I get bored of unintended entendre.

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