Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

timid Spring dog walk triumphant

I cannot quite remember what possessed me to purchase a lomographic camera on eBay, but the cost was a virtual pittance and I see a handsomely wrapped small box has arrived. Soon I can no doubt photograph the prairie with a special Second World sheen.

I enjoyed a nice telephone call with my father last night, who had completed a recent cruise up the Mississippi and its tributaries from Memphis to Louisville. I'm looking forward to heading home during part of Memorial Day.

Our back yard is a burst of blooms right now, as well as a bird haven. Our decision to have the local nursery plant things for us really paid dividends. I want to look up what we need to plant to draw swallowtail butterflies. Our buddleia is only attracting smaller winged jewels so far.

I'm looking forward to a placid weekend, with perhaps a bit of hiking and a little live music. I have a new vidcam I want to test.

I have too many things. When I get a spare moment, I will eBay what I have in large measure away, and purchase a discrete smaller set of things of more use to me.

During our walk last night, a group of very small children came to pet our dogs.The dogs are both very child-friendly (as, for that matter, are my wife and I). That mixture of shyness and delight, fear and anticipation, which besets toddlers saying "hi" to dogs, is a joy of sorts.

The predicted high for Friday is in the high 90s, so that our Spring is rapidly turning into Summer.
I love the warm ambience of everything.

I am slowly working through my rose/poem meme responses. I really enjoy reading a lot of poetry and viewing a lot of roses, which more than compensates for the extra effort the meme requires. I so often pigeon-hole so much traditional rhymed poetry in one box or aother, but find it is a landscape quite beyond my boxes. Roses by every name are pretty sweet.

Gurdonark (remix): Ninth Ward, including sample from Bruno Dilly

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