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Today I am on a quick detour to San Francisco for a brief morning meeting. Last night I walked briefly on the Burlingame Shorebird walk, out by the SFO airport, where, as advertised, shorebirds can be seen. On the plane out, I read Michael Innes' "The Case of the Journeying Boy". I love the way that air travel permits one the patience to read things one might otherwise cast aside, which has, in my case, led me to enjoy authors I might not otherwise enjoy, as in the case of Mr. Innes.

Lately I think about how fortunate I am, and how many advantages I have been given. My favorite among my advantages? Equanimity. It's hard to ever feel oneself as having achieved very much, when one has been given so much with which to work. Perhaps if I had been given even more advantages, I would feel the pleasurable sting of being a genius misapplied, but as it happens, I am about what my limited skills permit me to be. But I'm not much more than that, and that's a caution and a comfort.

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