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Yesterday my wife and I drove to the 380 Greenbelt Trail, a long, shady wooded trail. Butterflies and birdsong abounded in the cool shade of the trail. We enjoyed a 3.5 mile walk and then headed back to our suburb. When we pulled into our driveway, we saw a female scarlet tanager standing on the fence, waiting for a turn at the seeds in our feeder.

We went with my brother and his wife on the surface rail for an adventure in Dallas. We first ate dinner at Amuse Restaurant, where I had a Carolina trout and couscous that made me happy.

We then waited on patio furniture stationed outside Poor David's Pub, one of Dallas' best live music club venues, until they let us in for the concert. Then having arrived early, we watched sound checks and various ready-gettings, prior to the time that Kristy Kruger took the stage. I learned about Kristy when I ran across her music on myspace. She's a folk singer with a deep reverence for older American popular music forms, including in particular trad jazz. Her half-hour set featured just her and her guitar, each singing beautifully, so that it was no surprise at all that she recently won the "best singer" award in the annual Dallas Observer Music Awards. Her set featured a kazoo solo, which is a device calculated to win me over. We all enjoyed her very much.

Next the headliner, Sara Hickman, took the stage. I used to see Sara Hickman play a lot, but had not seen her in a decade and a half. Sara has one of the most emotive voices and solid folk repertoires of any "new folk" singer I've seen, although her foray into major-label recording foundered when the suits who signed her imagined she was not a folkie but instead an "easy listening" artist, deserving of sweeping arrangements and light-pop kid gloves. Now that she's indie once more, she showed off numerous songs off her new CD, which is like the righteously real, powerful Sara Hickman I remembered. We all enjoyed her concert very much, and found her delightful.

Only a few dozen fans were at the little club, because this basketball team called the Dallas Mavericks was in a playoof game down the street.

Sadly, the late start of the concert, coupled with incomplete planning on our part, required us to catch a cab back to the train station in light of a missed train. But despite this trial, it was a fine evening, filled with trout and lovely singers singing lovely songs.

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