Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

an arm appears, aloft

If you type in the comments space the word "excalibur", then I shall in return type to you:

1. Four lines of 19th Century poetry;
2. a variety of rose, chosen for you, and why I chose it;
3. a small paragraph of near-cryptic prose, which I will understand, you may understand, a third party might understand, but which we may all mutually confuse
4. The title of a song or album released for free download in the creative commons, which you will be free to download or ignore, along with link information;
5. a free write of my choosing, relevant to you.

Excalibur was a sword, but it might just as well have been Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

I reserve the right to respond at leisure and to give gratuitous advice, expressions of praise, and disappointing chards of unilluminating prose.

I may someday ask you to create a gif file.

I also note that I like to see your interesting icons.
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