Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Morning Life music video

The throwaway DVD camera was not ready last night when I got to CVS, although they processed it at another store a few hours later. The DVD proved a good watch--with surprising video quality--but for some reason, the little program that should allow me to download the images into my computer did not work.

I instead created a music video using a simple collage of photographs. The music video is of the song "Morning life" by Phoebus, a French artist who sometimes kindly samples my work, and whose work is available for free download (under his various handles, such as zikweb, phoebus and NoSushi) from One of the most pleasant work soundtracks I know is to click on the "Zikweb radio" stream at his site.

I enjoyed creating the simple video, even without the DVD moving images to add. I'll use those DVD images in another film, assuming that CVS can reformat them.

I posted the resulting "Morning Life" video as my first upload to YouTube.

The resulting video may be viewed by going here:

Phoebus: Morning Life.

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