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Today was an endless and yet largely satisfying array of conference calls, meetings, pleadings, and analyses. I like being in that 'rhythm', the flow from which all work of value proceeds. It's not an emotional thing--that flow happens sometimes even when one is too exhausted or depressed to enjoy it. It's a focus thing. It's those small flashes of 'yes, I get the issue' and 'yes, I think I know what to do'.

Tonight I went to the pro bono legal clinic over at the Salvation Army. I met with x number of people who needed free advice. These were all good, solid people who happened not to have a lot of money. It felt good that I knew the issues they were facing, could roadmap the answers, and move things forward one step.

I tend to do commercial trial work more than anything else, yet I'm very pleased that my horizons are sufficiently broadened since I moved back to Texas to permit me to help with the consumer issues I get in things like this. I thought to myself that I wish I spoke Spanish--I could do so much more good. Then I realized that this sort of wishing is a poor substitute for actually learning some business Spanish. I signed up for next month's clinic, and to take on a case I learned of tonight. I am grateful for LJ, which has made me monitor more carefully how little I get done of what I wish to do, and made me take baby steps to do more. They are just baby steps, though. I have more to do.

Tomorrow will be yet another busy, busy day. I'm so glad with the way my "meeting half" of my office has turned out, now that the table and chairs I got at the furniture place have arrived. It's a good space for clients. Now I just want to get some more art, mine and others', up on the wall. I'll hang the frame with the letter which is the pride of my inner vain self, that letter complimenting my poetry book from the curator of the Cleveland Public Library. Now if only my current ebay auction would go someplace. I'm down to a 50% hit ratio, which is below normal. It's partly a seasonal thing with ebay, but it's mostly a sign that my copy is not silly enough. I will work on that.

Speaking of art, as opposed to my own silly creative urge (i.e., non-art), I'm so pleased that my friend kenmora has joined us on LJ.
I'm not much for the "howdy, neighbor" friends list addition approach (not that there's anything wrong with it, I'm just shy), but I have to mention Ken because he's put on his page a work of art I particularly like. It's called the Angel Columbine, and it's here. As anyone who knows me in person in or LJ knows, I am definitely a semi-tutored "I Know What I Like" type of person (though, unlike that wonderful Genesis song, I usually do not append the phrase "in your wardrobe"). "The Angel Columbine" speaks to me in some language somewhat more comprehensible for me than Spanish and yet very elusive--about media and guns and what is "cool" and what is scary. "Columbine", for my non-US friends, was that high school in Colorado where high school kids went on a shooting spree. I'm glad Ken did it.

I did not get to the post office today. I must go tomorrow.
I did get to hear the incoming president of the American Library Association on the radio tonight. "We choose our books in an effort to offend everybody equally", she said, and I liked her instantly.

Now I must learn to give myself as much advice as I seem to constantly give everyone else, and get busy on an exercise and healthy eating program, and knock out the rest of that "to do" list. I must also find a good novel to read!
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