Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

sack race

Yesterday afternoon I went to nearby Allen Station Park. A huge shrub, three people wide and one and a half people tall, had yellow showy small blooms. I stood next to it and took video pictures of the butterflies and bees among the flowers. Then I went down the nature trail to the bee tree. The bee tree has bees coming in and out all the time, but the bees never get aggressive or territorial with people. They just buzz by on their way to find more flowers. I held the throwaway DVD camera a few inches from the opening to the tree, so that I could get a vantage of the bees gathered there. The bees did not flinch or express displeasure. They had work to do.

I took video of the old railroad dam, which is Allen's one historical landmark. The dam is very small, as it dams not a river but a creek. It's got huge rectangular blocks and a steady flow of water over it, which cascades perhaps three feet downward once the dam is crossed. It was built in the 1880s but was covered over when the creek rose. Now it is unocovered again, and on display with a little historical marker and a sidewalk cul de sac overlook amid a small wooded nature trail. Honeysuckle bloomed yellow, while false dandelion showed up in a light purple.

Later, I took my dogs to Glendover Park for their walk. The park had an event for kids in progress. A dozen kids doing a sack race gave the whole thing an old-fashioned feel. A great white heron stodd aloof from the action on the other side of the pond. Three children came over from the bounce house to pet my dogs, which made my dogs very happy. We watched the kids and moms take on the dads in a tug-of-war, which proved a close contest.

Just before dark, I took my fishing gear to Glendover Pond, as I had never fished in the pond. Within a few minutes, I had hooked a nice keeper size little catfish. I threw him back, but in the process, I lost my hook, and could not find the other hooks I had with me. So I called it a night, and went home to a dinner of lamb chops and good conversation.

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