Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Through Storms and Fictional Gods

From the time that I boarded the flight back to Dallas, I knew that things were up the uptick. I'd had a good trip to California, by and large, a meeting in San Francisco on the one day, followed by a hearing in Los Angeles on the other day. Southern California had that ice-plant in bloom/early June gloom look that accompanies some Aprils.

I'd had a mild bout of that "is this odd disorientation food poisoning or lack of food?" kind of oddness when we first landed in Los Angeles Thursday night, but fortunately I made my way to my hotel room and slept a few hours, after which a grilled salmon from room service seemed to put things aright once more.

Friday morning I attended my hearing, and then a very brief meeting, and then I headed to the airport. I was able to catch an earlier plane, and I had ample time to pick up better reading than the airport-bookstore science fiction novel I'd finished on the Los Angeles trip, a curious romantic adventure novel by a man named Coonts involving rather lugubrious leisurely flight of flying saucers to the Moon by people who always look good in jeans.

I picked up "American Gods" by that fellow Gaiman that people seem to like a great deal or not like so much, and settled in for a good, long read. My plane was delayed, waiting out storms in Dallas, so I got a good start on the novel, finishing it in the comfort of my home after we landed last night. After many days of very hard-driving work, it was a pleasure to sink into a curiously-well-plotted novel. When we were twenty minutes west of Dallas, we encountered immense turbulence, wihch always gives one that "each moment is eternal" feeling, but
we landed without incident.

It's been so good to have a little leisure time after so many very hard working days. I enjoy hard work, but it's good to relax, take the dogs around the little park pond, and watch Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.

Gurdonark--Organ Suite for Popcorn Movie, a variation on FF Chopin, Etude cmoll, with thanks for the public domain sample to mutopiaproject dot org>
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