Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Remember the Noise ( an unlikely Fort Minor remix)

Today I rested.

Thank you to everyone who filled out an entry to my non-anonymous anonymous post game. I'll respond to each in turn.

I recorded my mountain dulcimer to upload to ccmixter, because pure sounds like a dulcimer are useful in samplers and synthesizers for morphing and changing.

I went to Weight Watchers. I lost a pound, which brings me over 64, and brings me to 16.8 pounds from my ultimate goal. When my wife returned from her very last class in this spate of all-weekend-training classes at a community college, we took our dogs around the pond. I loved seeing the flowers in everyone's yard.

The current CC Mixter contest is of this spin-off from the band Linkin Park, an act called Fort Minor, and their song "Remember the Name". I am anything but a hip-hop mixter, but I enjoy remixing, so I gave it a try. Tonight I uploaded it to the site, without even pausing to add my intended robot software voices intoning "Spike Minoda" and all the other nicknames that wikipedia tells me that the leader of Fort Minor adopts from time to time.

The result is very Gurdonark, which I suppose I count as its sole virtue.
Fort Minor--Gurdonark--Remember the Noise (featuring Carlos Castinda)
"Remix using elements from Fort Minor/Warner Bros. Records/Machine Shop Recordings”

Sample attribution pursuant to a Creative Commons attribution non-commercial 2.5 license, under which this song is licensed:
From redhair's "ohm" and carlocastinda's "warm lead guitar"
From the freesound project, whose posters are kind enough to license on an attribution basis:
a sample “under alien oceans” by harri, whom we know at the mixter as harri_bionic, and the sonar pings from Peter Gross.
From my earlier remix “In the Waiting Room During Cancer Surgery”, samples used are as follows: with thanks to those who also licensed me those samples.
newhat by: fx10243
sloppy slide guitar blues by: shagrugge
Peter Koniuto, “Past Andromeda”
From my own work, “The Great Blue Heron Contemplates” from my album “Subtle Precautions” on is sampled, as is the chaosynth sample from the long-unposted Gurdonark Noise Utility Package that I will upload eventually.

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