Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Weirdbience in action--Secretly Tell Me No Secrets

Is anyone up for a game which does not involve bughouse chess? I believe I am.

Let's do a variation on a very old meme. I know it is the fashion in LiveJournal to write some florid prose about how one was an Early Adopter, who invented the internet, and who was the first person ever to think up "meme x" or "meme y", and thus should be kowtowed to by all those not worn out from plowing through millions of hyperlinks inscribed in said adopter's would-be-literary journal(s), sandwiched between all the kind of "look at me, look at me" paragraphs I once disdained in my own journal but now write with alarming frequency.

The problem is that I am not an Early Adopter, my high school girlfriend was not Frank the Goat's cousin's ex-wife, and I am a scriptural literalist in two respects--I literally believe that little or nothing is new under the sun, and I also, parenthetically, believe that all wisdom is indeed clouded by desire, although the part about "like a mirror by dust" has for me an unfortunate 1970s "I went to college at a party school" memory of people using mirrors to measure out controlled substances, a practice as foreign to me as my indistinct memory of whatever it is they call the Falkland Islands in Argentina.

So let's ruin an old meme. You see, in this form of the meme, I'm supposed to say, in a theatrical tone of voice:
"I'm turning off IP logging. Please leave me an anonymous comment". Then, as the meme works, people are supposed to leave comments like "I don't really love him, but I need him--you see, I have corns" or "she doesn't know how obsessed I am with Freddie Mercury" or "When I was 13, I married the postman" or even "Broadway Danny Rose. Obsessed. TV dinner Thanksgiving".

But in this form of the meme, I tell you, ostentatiously, that I am NOT turning off IP logging.

I AM asking you to leave an anonymous comment. But your comment should NOT be a secret.

I want you to leave an anonymous comment you would have no hesitation leaving in open public. But you're going to leave it anonymously. Any troll in your life could log IP and read it. But you're hiding the sun in plain sight.

In short, tell me a non-secret.

But tell it secretly.

Extra credit for elaboration. Be private if you wish, but be private in only a public way.
Some of my favorite among you are cryptic. Feel free to be. Just be. You know. Be. (if it were in the Creative Commons, I'd hyperlink to the song about buying the world a Coke).

Anonymous, by the way, means you don't post it in your name. Delete and repost when you err. To err is human.
To err anonymously is classified. To err with classified materials is, apparently, national security.

To participate in the love for one another involved in a meme? Divine.
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