Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Score Card

Narnia Chronicle re-reading project is at: Book 6.
Dune series books loved: First 3
Anne of Green Gables books loved: First 3
Secret Dune/Green Gables connection repulsion conundrum: in book 4s we have talking parrots and talking sand worms.

Favorite newly-learned freeware: anvil studio
Shape of favorite new musical instrument: wooden grasshopper
State of the Union: wooden grasshopper
Favorite civil rights march: fight for the right to kiss in Malaysia

Idea for exporting democracy: start with countries at which we are at peace
Idea for exporting economic development: start with Mexico
Idea for weapon sales exports: if it can't be killed with a kazoo, it should probably live anyway
Idea for homeland security: start a jobs program like the CCC, devoted to training and employing people from the inner city or the impoverished rural places in health care, rebuilding, and emergency response

Non-issue 1: whether Katie Holmes should scream silently while in labor
Non-issue 2: whether Meredith Viera has chemistry with her co-anchor
Non-issue 3: whether to fly the Mexican or US flag while marching--I'd much prefer the Lithuanian or Slovenian flag
Non-issue 4: Pat Robertson's opinion on anything.

What's so funny: 'bout peace love and understanding
What's so funny: is when national politics have plots that seem lifted from the Pee Wee Herman movie
What's so funny: watching Queen night on American Idol and daydreaming of Pink Floyd night
What's so funny: comparing White House spokesman Scott McClellan with the former Iraqi propaganda minister, and finding Scott McClellan come off unfavorably in the exchange.

Job I'd like to have: pet psychologist
Job I'd like to have: pet memorial center owner
Job I'd like to have: pet peeve columnist
Job I'd like to have: pet biographer

When you learn the notes to sing: You can sing most anything.
When you learn the notes to sing: You still won't sound nearly as cool as Neil Young or even Tom Verlaine
When you learn the notes to sing: then you can give up whistling a happy tune
When you learn the notes to sing: they turn you into a madrigal, and make you tilt and bob your head like a robot mannequin at Christmas while you intone.

I like Elgar because: I never mind standing on ceremony
I like Sibelius because: I always imagine colors shooting into a deep winter sky, like some offbeat aurora borealis
I like Satie because: I appreciate his sense of silence and mood
I like Partch because: I wish I had a grand theory for everything, and built off-kilter things to prove it.

Amount of attention devoted to the doings of the National Basketball Association: less than 1/100th of 1%
Amount of attention devoted to the doings of the National Hockey League: 1/100th of that devoted to the NBA
Amount of attention I'd devote to a car race: depends entirely on whether the competition is a demolition derby
Amount of attention I'd give to a one damn song that could make me break down and cry: as much as any young American.
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