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Last night I purchased the Magix Audio Studio 10 at the local software store, which replaces the "generation 5" program I bought for less than ten dollars which has been my recording mainstay. I'm still figuring out how to use it, but I can see already it will be much easier to use than my earlier softstudio.

I listened yesterday at work to the French artist Zikweb's website radio button podcast, a fascinating and free collection of electronic music, recorded under the names No Sushi and Phoebus.
One of the tracks was a remix of something of mine, so I decided Thursday to do another remix of something of his (having done two a day earlier).

A cool sound recordist from Australia had give me license to use her recordings of Thai cicadas and other "field recording" materials. Because I had done an album review for The Ambient Review of mystified13's album "Reduced", an intriguing set of field recordings done in and around St. Louis, I decided to do a remix based on the musiz of Zikweb and the field recordings by sound artist Catherine Clover. So I created a new remix, "Night Rain in April", which blends the field recordings with Zikweb's music, my own music, and a couple of other people's at CCmixter, which can be found here:

I was particularly pleased when the song got chosen today as an "editor's pick" for the site--people seem to like it pretty well. Now if I can just figure out how to use the plug-in synths with my new software.

Today I took my dogs for a walk around Glendover Pond. This afternoon, I also went for a walk on my own at the Heard Natural Science Center. A few things, but relatively only a few, were in bloom. Soon I shall scan previous years' journal entries to monitor how late this Spring truly is compared to other years.

Tonight I tried to figure out, where I have 19 fans but am just now learning how to use the site. I also added a Creative Commons license to this site, as a license to quote me with attribution seems much more fun than those bleak and dire warnings about copyright so often beleaguering the printed word.

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