Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Thank you to each of you who participated (or will soon participate) in the "write a paragraph" game in my last post. I enjoyed reading each answer, and each answer served the function of permitting me to appreciate each of you a bit more. I believe that each answer deserves a proper paragraph in response, which I will write this weekend or so.

As March wanes, my busy calendar proceeds forward unabated. In between, the following good things have happened:

a. my wife made us Weight-Watchers-friendly blackberry cobbler last night, which tasted divine;
b. both artists for whom I wrote my rather wordy and random-notion new reviews at The Ambient Review wrote me kind notes in appreciation for the review;
c. visits to my page at spiked upward. This always makes me wonder what new notice someone has taken of my work. In the past, a remix I posted at or some other tangible thing led to the increases, but sometimes now I get a "spike" for no reason I can blame or credit;
d. I am enjoying making contacts through Myspace. Today I found a processed mountain dulcimer ambient artist. As I play around on the dulcimer and like to process sound, I've been meaning to do something similar. This Myspace seems to be a different thing for different people I find it useful for networking for hobby purposes, although I'm disappointed that the search term "blitz chess" yields so few results. I get "friends" request from interesting ambient music people I did not know before, wihch is a good sort of interconnection. MySpace is unlikely, for me, to meet the needs that LiveJournal meets, but it has its own, separate, parellel use for me. People there are more likely to share my musical interests and thus less likely to be bored.
e. one of the people, Diane Jessurun posted an a capella track at ccmixter. I'm pleased that she followed my suggestion that she do so, as she has one of those old-fashioned blue-eyed-soul voices that remixers will love. I have two dmusic acquaitances I think may have "conventional" musical success, and Diane is one of them. It will be fun to hear what remixes she draws.
f. I am getting pleasure thinking about an open source/Creative Commons/electronic/ambient music mini-convention that I could set up here in my area. That's biting off a lot to chew, but here I thiking that my reach and my grasp may be up to that brass ring. I would have to plan it way ahead, because I am a rather busy man, but it would be fun. I lack so many meeting planner skills for how to book things and people for such things, but perhaps I can learn those or find someone to help with those.
g. I'm looking forward to getting together with my brother's famly soon, perhaps this weekend.
h. I'm looking forward to exercise and quiet work on Saturday, even though a chess tournament in Watauga is beckoning me with siren song. I am finding it slow gong to achieve my rating of 1600, which is my goal by 12/31. I hit 1515 or so and then I lose back to 1485 or so. I do love blitz chess, though, regardless of rating.
I am going to run a blitz chess tournament as soon as possible.
i. I have a new ambient CD from Italy that a fellow I reviweed in the past sent me for my very own.
j. I'm thinking with pleasure about a second career someday, when I have tried as many cases as I wish to try;

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