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death drives an airflow Chrysler

An old Be Bop Deluxe song threads through my mind
as I wind up the evening. I used cheap crayons, a piece of corrugated plastic and a picture of dead weeds in winter to make a mail art postcard to send to an exhibition over in Irving, not all that far from here. I've got a busy week ahead, which is good; the weather is finally heating up again.
I wonder sometimes if optometry might have been right for me...after all, people call you "doctor", you work normal hours, and you get to run those cool sci fi lens machines. OTOH,
some of my small town school teachers growing up always impressed me with the way they could live quiet, unadorned lives, but filled with amateur naturalism, intense gardening, and an unostentatious love of good books of every kind. I think that the ability to amuse onself, and to continue the search for new meanings in surroundings others might find dull, is one of life's greatest self-taught skills.
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