Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

open for business

Yesterday I tried a new fish restaurant that opened near my work. I was pleased to see that the menu featured lots of grilled fish. I chose a grilled catfish. The portions were ample.

The only real drawback to the place was that it was the kind of place in which electric blues is played too loud throughout the restaurant. Latter-day blues is all well and good,but I am perpetually amused by people who think that it equates to "hip restaurant music". It's like the ultimate unconscious affectation--with deeper roots than a suburban garden club. It always reminds me, in contrast to "hip", of people in bars which have way too many indoor plants; rotund folks with redneck accents (like mine) who wear faux Swiss mountain hats, sing "built for comfort, not for speed", and give emotional song intros about how much the "obscure" song called "Tequila Sunrise" means to them. I had the joy of living as a teen in the 1970s.

Still, two huge slabs of grilled catfish proved un-sneeze-at-able, and the grilled vegetables were scorched just right. I hope the restaurant attracts more customers than the one it had yesterday (i.e., me), so that I can visit it over time.

That's the funny thing about a small business. One watches the finish-out of the space for months. "Coming soon", the sign says. New paint appears. "Now Hiring" the next sign says.
Soon, "grand opening". Yet sometimes the institution lasts less long than the time it took to do the finish-out.

My own small business, conceived on the back of an envelope in 2000, is a couple of months shy of turning six years old. Six years ago, I was sending out resumes and imagining how a new business might work out. By April, I was breakfasting with a friend in Texas, with MS Works spreadsheets in hand. By July 4, we were open for business.

I think that the biggest surprise has been how easy it has been to market our services. We have reached that point at which who we are almost markets ourselves to some extent. It's good to be appreciated.

Still, we don't serve a credible catfish, and the sounds emitting from my office typically are not blues at all.

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