Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

downtown la

A day of lost bags, California, work, a retail miracle, fervent handshakes, a book about nature in south Texas, things seen and unseen, being quoted unexpectedly on a classical musician's website, a momentary sigh of pleasure as I think about the "Liberty Bell March" being the Monty Python theme, an abiding affection for the first song on Liz Phair's new album, good news from afar, Boston Market turkey,found bags arriving near midnight, disarray at Sears, paper cuts, self-inflicted doubt wounds about things irrelevant to anything, a realization of a need to install the ISP program into the laptop, and the sight of the San Gabriel Mountains, naming a valley with their overseeing vision.

No Oscars. No hiking. Not much fun. But a full and vigorous day.

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