Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

cabling the desert

I'm in Tucson this weekend, looking out from an elevated hillside on a broad valley of homes, with mountains in the distance. I finished reading George W. Cable's "The Cavalier", set in the Civil War era--a curious bit of romantic swashbuckling I think that asphalteden might enjoy. Mr. Cable interests me, and perhaps I'll seek out his other novels.
One enthusiast on the 'net held that he was a precursor to Faulkner, but I am not of that view. Genesis was a precursor of Marillion, perhaps. But these precursor notions are so often, in my view, dissertation toss-offs rather than insights. I wonder, though, if Mr. Faulkner thought that Mr. Cable precursed him--a google-worthy past-time for an empty hour someday.

Saturday morning's bright, early drive from the Phoenix airport to Tucson enchanted. I did not know a grove of pecan trees bordered the freeway somewhat improbably amid desert landscapes over by the local state prison.
I saw the ostriches standing at attention as I passed the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Farm, and the sloping wonder of saguaro standing on the elevations.
It's about 75 degrees here, a nice relief from the 45 degrees in Dallas when I left.

Today I wander amid cacti and dream of living amid perpetual hummingbirds.

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