Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Night Moths at the Diner

A vigorous workday. I thought this might be a quiet quarter, for one reason or another, but the new matters keep me hopping. I am a good hopper. I am virtually Edward Hopper.

A new song folder begun on disfish titled "Subtle Precautions".

Another busy workday ahead, and then a desert weekend.

Two trials consume the news this week. In one, a deranged mother kills her child, yet the jury has to ponder if she knew right from wrong. The M'Naghten test for the insanity defense continues to fail to suffice as a standard for civilized people to ponder. Meanwhile,
the fellow who murdered his inamorata and her first grader over fear that the child she expected was his got convicted. This is the fellow on tape telling his wife what he had done, and the fellow who, I believe, led the investigators to the body.

His family's media reaction after the two hour guilty verdict? Blame the lawyers. How could it be otherwise?

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