Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

fleeting glimpses

I picked up some of my Japan pictures today.

Outside shrine in Kyoto, Japan

Today I focused on getting work done, which is, as always, a pleasant way to spend a day. I did take a break to set up a webjay for
Gears of Sand Records, a small ambient record label which releases some interesting things. I coordinated with the label owner yesterday to get the permissions, and then today put the playlist together in some fifteen minutes.

I was rather pleased yesterday that a visit to the dentist resulted in only the usual array of mild bad news and frail-boned but heartfelt assurances of shortcomings in my personal style. Tomorrow I intend to hear if the doctor similarly will forgive me my many sins.

We had a blackout in our neighborhood tonight. Fortunately, my wife and Bea were at dog training, and I diverted to get some pho. I hope that young Ted did not mind the darkness too badly.

I'm ready to give away tons of books and other things, to make a dent in my possessions.

Golden Temple, Kyoto, Japan

I love to summarize and encapsulate. I love to romanticize. I do it all the time. Yet I'm mindful of the good advice a Summer school classmate gave me in college, during a Summer abroad in the UK. Every visit to the UK, he said, conforms to the fantasy of the American making the visit.One person's notion is Dickensian, and thus things seem Dickensian. Another's is Churchillian, yet another's is
Kenneth Anger. Each of them finds their England, in their own imagination, no matter what they see. The goal, my friend explained, is to take things in, and not draw conclusions. I don't succeed in this goal when I travel. But as I recall a whirlwind trip to Japan, as swift as might be a week of depositions in Lubbock, I smile but realize that I know less than I usually know, which is not much at all.

Osaka Castle
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