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cold heat

This weekend proved to be a time to rest away exhaustion. We did go see the film "Nanny McPhee", which we enjoyed.
Otherwise, I spent some time fruitlessly on hobby things, achieving less than what I had hoped. I'll have to tackle the current project later this week or during next week. I was grateful when my collaborator pointed out the problems with the current draft, which will allow me to either improve the drafts, or, more likely, take another approach. Sometimes the gap between great idea and actual execution is more Gulf of Mexico than ditch.

I broke the weight loss plateau I had resided in for the past two weeks. Last week the little pep talk at Weight Watchers was along the line of how things have costs--and one pays to choose to make changes. I personally can attest to payment in the form of foregoing a charming croissant and danish combination being served by the airline as we neared Dallas.

The weather turned chilly this weekend,though nothing like that experienced by our friends to the northeast. We took Teddy and Bea for a walk around Glendover Pond, in a brisk wind. Several pairs of mallard ducks swam beside the park duck. The sky was a lovely winter blue.

Jet lag used to never affect me, but this trip was an exception. Work, purifying like a smith's flame, awaits to
burnish me into shape once more.

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