Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

travis county revisited

A hearing in Austin. Remembering other hearings, long ago, in the same courtrooms. Hearings I attended when I was a younger lawyer. In a younger time. In an old courthouse. With different judges. Different opposing counsel. Th same trees outside. The exact same linoleum in the snack room. I was prone to wistful moments then, too. Passing sensory experiences. In body experiences. I am in this room, and its wooden pew seats are familiar to me, and they are part of me, and they are I are here together. A merging. A blending. A gestalt. A oneness. A day in court.

The lawyers hug a lot more in Austin. We don't hug in Dallas. Spouse and family excepted, I am not a big hugger.
I love the handshake. Firm, professional, unarmed. The eternal life of a moment's firm contact. Un-self-conscious.
No second guesses. Extend a hand. Grasp a hand. A moment of connection. Resume places.

I bought a throwaway DVD today. I got a 5 dollar photoediting program. I am ready to make a forty dollar documentary.

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