Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

tibetan convention center

Three hearings in one day. I'm a bit tired. I'm sitting at my computer with Bea, our new dog, in my lap. She's blended into this family like butter into batter. I've been listening to Peter Koniuto's album Past Andromeda this week, a worthy and worthwhile free download CD from the junction in which ambient marries electro-acoustic music and has pleasantly geeky offspring--rather like the old friend of mine who jokes with me that had we married, our children could only be assured of love, eyeglasses and neuroses. Perhaps I'll review "Past Andromeda" for Ambient Review.

January 30 marked the anniversary of the 1948 assasination of Mohandas Gandhi, one of my personal heroes. I stayed up last night doing a remix of a song as a kind of memorial. The result, "Reflecting on Gandhi (Rama Rama)" is posted here at "Rama Rama" were reputedly the words Gandhi said when
he was shot. I enjoyed locating samples of sitars and choirs and a kind man even let me use a MIDI of a dirge, which I morphed into goblin tones.

I travel to Austin for business tomorrow, while next week I do some rather exotic business travel. I find, though, that conference rooms are conference rooms no matter where one visits. I am sure there are exceptions, like Bhutan, but I never visit Bhutan. I'm completely taken right now with the idea of the throwaway DVD camera from CVS pharmacy. Disposable media, interesting in every way but environmental. The radio today featured a story on Brazilian ethanol engines, fueled by sugar. Sweet propulsion. Cane fuel.

I am my own playlist
choosing my tracks
whimsy, care
I no longer distinguish.

I look around me
perpetually out of place,
unshelved, leaves solid
spine firm, binding taped,
dust--or thatching?

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