Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Nine Things

I throw a tennis ball for a small black dog, who brings it back to me and sets it down, ready for the next toss.

A Vietnamese man on a big screen television sings a 1940s love song in English while dozens of diners eat pho.

I make a paypal payment to a donationware record label. I hit "return to merchant" and go to a page in Polish, which I don't speak.

A woman in Paris e mails me a rhythm track for a hip hop project we are doing for a contest entry. "Is it hip hop enough?" she asks. I don't know.

I post an "img src" to a picture of Hope--Hope watermelons.

A fellow exchanges e mails with me about a possible convention for a favored musician, which I offer to host, but which I probably will not end up hosting.

I create a playlist on Webjay,, to which 20something people listen.

My page on remains at number 1 on their "Top 10" list, with some 3,000 page views.

I get the transcript back from a court hearing in which the judge went out of his way to praise me.

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