Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

hermit crab rescue

We got out of the house today and got things done, rather than staying home and just crawling into our shell.

I arose to the bliss of rainswept streets and sidewalks, a tonic for the drought-ridden troupers who live in this north Texan land of extremes. This morning we went to Collin Creek Mall in Plano, to visit the JC Penney store. I've lost a bit of weight, and my suits and my khakis all fit a bit too loosely. I wanted to buy two suits, trousers, a new belt, and thereby restore myself to a more fitted state of being.

We were waited upon by a fellow who epitomized the kind of old-fashioned department store salesman I remember from childhood but often find hard to find today. He was knowledgable in a vaguely Jeeves-goes-to-Texas way,
yet not obtrusive. He not only knew whether and when the cow ate the cabbage. He could also show the ineradicable evidentiary marks of teeth on the the leaf. My wife and I marveled and luxuriated in the style and grace of a good old fashioned salesman.

I selected two traditional suits, two sets of dockers and two new belts. Penney's had a huge sale on, so that the whole ensemble cost less than I have paid before for a single only slightly above-ordinary suit. Then we headed across the Central Expressway to Eye Masters, which freely and without stint or complaint straightened out my glasses from the latest bout of hard living I inflicted upon them.

We stopped at a neat antiques store with an old-fashioned genteel tea type of cafe for lunch. I had a great grilled catfish, albeit one in a pecan sauce I would have edited out had the menu mentioned its existence.
Then we headed home.

I played a vigorous round of fetch the tennis ball with young Bea, whose assimilation into our schems and devices continues with a pleasing consistency. Then Bea and I feel asleep while watching "Back to the Future" on television.

Tonight we dined with our friends Scott and Donna at Ralph and Kacoo's, where I had grilled catfish. We then adjourned to our home for lo-fat ice cream, blackberries, and animated conversation.

On the hobby front, I completed a remix of a song I particularly liked, and sent it on to a collaborator.

I am glad to have had a productive Saturday.

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