Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

number 1, but we try harder

I have had a very heavy work week. I'm glad about that. It's a living.

Today I took a noon walk at the nature trail down the way. In the bare trees, the most gorgeous small Carolina chickadee appeared five yards or so before me, perched on a branch. It was lovely. I knew what it was, instantly, though I did not know that I knew. I love to have ambient knowledge, buried sub-consciously, waiting for a chickadee to appear.

This afternoon I finally achieved "number 1" in the "top ten" chart at Some 2,500 people have come to my page to hear my music now. I posted a new remix at one, a mildly ambient remix bolstered by a lovely piano solo by another DisFish artist, succeeds much better than my last effort, the one for the hip hop contest. I ambiate better than I hiphopivate (or even salivate). verian and I advanced to the second round of the contest we entered under our pseudonym (though it is not actually a nom de plume nor even a nom de guerre but instead a boring "nombres we were born with" kind of deal), the Thomas Nunnally Ensemble.

I want to work on three other collaborations I have going. This leads me to an insight I gained about myself.
I am not really gifted in my own right--a second-rate mind, a second-rate talent (good lawyer, but that's not really a contradiction to the foregoing). But I can sometimes feel and exude creativity like bleeding platelets. I love collaborations, and giving encouragement, and being there with people as they grow and create.

Tomorrow, a new poll.

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