Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

mission accomplished

A major work milestone rolled up the hill today. In contrast to Sisyphus, this rock is going to stay on the mountain-top. A day of transitions and warm, radiating joy. I don't like to go into details--but consider that rock rolled.

I'm enjoying the Christmas gift my brother and sister-in-law and nephew got me, a portable DVD player. On the plane out to Orange County, I watched Vincente Minelli's "biopic" about Jerome Kern, while on the way back I listened to Lisa DeBenedictis' amazing "Tigers" album and one of the best ambient albums in my collection, the_outsider's darkly minimal eponymous DIY debut. I'm reading a great sci fi and Carol Shields' biography of Jane Austen.

I got my passport back today, renewed after a few years. I am eager to use it.

I am watching my mail for, of all things, a CD by a goth-rock band called The Pop Dolls. They're pretty darn cool--Floridians who know how to use those fx buttons for things other than reruns of "The Outer Limits". I'm glad I met them through dmusic.
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