Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

changes and choices

I think today how tempting it is to see life as irrevocable choices. It's true that some choices are irrevocable, or revocable only if one agrees to lose one's integrity. So often, though, one can amend, remix, remainder, re-tool, revise, refresh, reconstitute and reimagine. It's not just the grace to know the difference that makes the difference. It's that quiet, calm, unaffected combination of courage and not knowing any better that permits one to change. If one listens to that "anti-change" inner narrative voice, one will know one can never do anything. That voice spends its time in the wilderness, tempting people. Tempting them to complacency and resignation. Perhaps the only treasure one can possibly lay up on earth is the chance to make choices. It's too easy to see oneself as trapped with this choice or that--it's more fun to see life as a great store shelf, with worlds of choices available--99 cents each.

We got rain last night. It was such a pleasure to walk on soggy walks to pick up papers wrapped in soggy plastic. Maybe this is a new change. Maybe the drought ends today.

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