Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

My own bitmap and how it sounds

Here is the song I created last night by drawing a bitmap, and then running it through Coagula Light, a color tone organ, and through Slicer. First, the picture, and then a link to the mp3.

I posted the song on my site, entitled "Coagulated and Sliced Tomato Spaghetti Western". If you'd like to hear what my bitmap sounds like, go here and click on the right play button for the song title:

Gurdonark's Coagulated and Sliced Tomato Spaghetti Western>

I'm glad that more bitmaps are flowing in, which I plan to convert to songs over the next day or two.
I have a master plan at work once I have all the bitmaps, but master plans are best kept as secret spy plans, aren't they?
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