Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Making Beautifully Odd Music Together

I want to propose to each of you a different type of artistic musical collaboration. Lately I have been played with Rasmus Ekman's wonderful freeware program, Coagula Light. I was so impressed with it that I wrote Mr. Ekman and asked if I might pay him a license fee. He politely advised that the freeware remained free, which I'll freely admit impressed me.

Coagula Light is a "color tone organ". In other words, it takes pictures and makes them into sounds. One can create a bitmap picture in MS Paint, load it into Coagula Light, and Coagula Light will make a song out of it.

I have Coagula Light, a softstudio, and an mp3 converter. I also have LJ friends who like to paint, draw and color. In sports parlance, we call this "an unbeatable combination".

Here's how to play. Make a bitmap drawing, using your windows or apple "paint" program. Here are the rules for the drawing:

1. Make the predominant thing a completely black background.
2. Use small points of color--not tiny but not huge either.
3. Paint the colors somewhat pointillistically--but remember, if your picture gets too busy, then what might be spacy ambience will turn into bone-crushing noise.
4. Regular patterns can work somewhat like chords, so that you can create "melodies" in art.
5. Save your drawing when done as a bitmap.

If you wish to play, then all you have to do is send me a note in the comments "I'll play!", and send me a bitmap at my favorite e mail address,

I will handle the Coagulation, music recording, and perhaps even some morphing and remixing of the resulting sounds. I may run sounds through another sampler or synth or two. Each picture will generate a short piece,
no more than a number of seconds, but each intriguing in its own way.

I must warn you. There is a Dorian Gray effect. Sometimes the most gorgeous pictures turn into the oddest noise.
Sometimes a black field of blobs turns into hauntingly beautiful melody.

But mostly, we can collaborate on music without either of us having any particular talent. It will all coagulate together? Who knows? Maybe I'll put it all up on a website, and create an album.

Will you sketch yourself into this project? Leave the comment: "Art is the music of my life".
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