Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

In the Wilderness

verian and I collaborate on experimental rock music via e mail exchange, creating music we release as The Thomas Nunnally Ensemble.

He posted one of our songs, "Rail Trail Outside Sudbury", for rating and review at As with all our material, it features my various collections of odd, ambient electronics merged with his inspired rock and experimental stylings.

Our song just went through its first week of review, and now has a stunning 5 stars out of 5. We also won each of the following awards:

"Track of the Day on 12Jan2006 in Experimental Electronica
Best Female Vocals in Experimental Electronica, week of 9Jan2006
Best Production in Experimental Electronica, week of 9Jan2006
Best Beat in Experimental Electronica, week of 9Jan2006
Best Mood in Experimental Electronica, week of 9Jan2006
Most Original in Experimental Electronica, week of 9Jan2006"

The song itself may be found at this site. It features vocals by daisydumont, soulhaus and wary.

This rating far exceeds any rating I achieve with my own work at, which tends to start in the 3s and then work down to 2.0 as the review process moves from people who like ambient to people who really prefer electronic rock. I work in a very isolated area of dark ambience, not appealing to all. Although it's true that I frequently win "Most Original", it must be admitted that my most-oft-won award is "Stupidest Song I've Ever Heard!", which is cheering when one writes a novelty song, but less ideal when one's intention is more earnest.

I'm grateful to verian for his work on our collaboration, which has been quite satisfying. Now I'm eager to see if we qualify for the second round of the review contest.

Meanwhile, my own stand over at DisFish Records continues to do gangbuster business, as some 1700+ people have accessed my music page there since 11/1, making me the second most visited artist at that site. I am very much an acquired taste, but I am pleased that I meet and get the word out to the kind of people who wish to acquire the things that I do.

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