Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Canis Paradiso

We have a new friend. We think her name will be Beatrice. She's all black like a little labrador, but she's of no certain origin, six years old, and only weighs sixteen pounds.
She has a little kink in her tail, as if someone folded the origami slightly wrong. She loves to sit in one's lap. Tonight we have been learning the difficult lesson "doggie doors and how to use them with aplomb". Our dog Ted is quite comfortable with her, having met her on neutral ground at the McKinney SPCA. The SPCA did not know her name--she was a stray foundling--so we have to teach her the new name. She knows two words, as near as I can tell--"fetch" and "ball". At the very impressive McKinney SPCA facility, her rap sheet included a post-it note in a rather girlish purple that said it most simply: "Very sweet".
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