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one would imagine flying would be soporific, not insomnia producing!

Home for two hours, hearing done, exhausted, and yet unable to go to sleep. Airplanes have processed air,
cramped seating, and rather inventively ordinary food.
You'd think anyone who got off a plane would be ready for *days* of sleep, not hours. But I'm not ready to crash even yet. It's as though I need something to hold my interest--three episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, say, or a PG Wodehouse Jeeves book I haven't read, if one existed, which it doesn't. I read Blandings' Way on the plane, which is remarkably pretty good, and it surprises me that I enjoy it so much when I have not read Mr. Blandings' Dream House. Two big meetings and then to a family wedding back in Arkansas tomorrow. This life's for me.

Thankfully, I have the wonderful posts by all my many friends to console in my sleepless post-midnight hour.
Thank you, everyone!
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