Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Nose Wide Shut

I wanted to get out of the season of giving before I gave anything away. I did not quite succeed, as we are still within several of the recognized religious holidays, with more just around the corner if one is inclined to the orthodox holidays. But I was playing on the internet tonight, and I came upon something interesting.

I find as the years progress that I come to value things less and experiences more. Even the material things on my xmas list this year tended to hunt new life and new civilization. I asked for a pair of astronomical binoculars, so that I could deep-sky nebulae and galaxies. I asked for a kaleidoscope, so that I could have the experience of filtered light in appealing patterns.

A couple of years ago, before I began playing in earnest with electronic sound, I went to the folks from the wonderful Rhythm Band Company in Fort Worth, and perhaps a sundry other place or two, and mail-ordered numerous devices of appeal to the kids of America and to me. Among them were kazoos, a tiny glockenspiel, various rhythm instruments, a plastic rain stick, and a world of other curios for the curious.

I highly recommend the experience of playing a noise-maker or simple diatonic melody device. All complexity fades, and one is primally existing with and within the thing itself. No knobs to twiddle, no bar chords to learn, no EQ sound levels to adjust. One plays the kazoo, one hears the kazoo, one sounds the kazoo, one becomes the kazoo. Life is one great quest to return to a kazoo-like state.

My friend and collaborator, Scott_M, and I recorded the album "Vibrating Electric Fields" as a kind of homage to the "make it up as one goes" musical aesthetic. The CD is experimental in the best way--that is, it is experimetnal only in the "goofing around" sense, and not in some higher sense resulting in anything called an "installation", an "electro-acoustic sound", or "a psycho-kinetic intermelding".

One of the instrument we used was a nose flute. It's a new-fangled piece of plastic. One puts it in the right apertures, one blows to make a whistle, and one manipulates one's mouth to play a song. I can't play it very well. My friend Scott does a mean "Born Free".

I dislike giving holiday gifts in one respect only. I am entirely willing and happy to be generous. But I never like to impose an obligation to reciprocate upon anybody.

But I figure that now that the holidays are nearly over, I can speak to you all as kind of January equals.
We need not worry about partridges, pear trees, spinning tops or festivals of light.

We instead can explore our inner musicality together. I do not believe in the shared psychic power of choruses of nose flutes. But I'm sure you will take my meaning exactly when I say that I imagine the raw, molten power of nose flutes being played world-wide.

There is only one way for us to find out. May I present you with a new free nose flute? It costs me nearly nothing. It will not cost you anything. Postage is extremely modest. I believe, you see, that s/he who seeks to preserve his/her pride shall lose it, and he/she who seeks to lose her/his pride will save it and save others.

Will you save the world by playing a nose flute? I hope so. In my little world, friends play nose flutes for friends.

Poll #641776 Are you Born Free?

Would you like a nose flute? Please fill in address information, even if I should know it already

I plan to mail next week, in the New Year, so that nobody can accuse me of stealth giving.
Will you take what is offered, and lose your dignity to save your life? I am in your debt.

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