Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


This Christmas featured:
a. sitting in the reception area of Love Field, addressing holiday cards, which will arrive in the coming week;
b. sitting on a sofa in a house on a lake (a home, I believe, where the "show me state" president once played poker), holding a six week old niece, and watching her rest contentedly;
c. sitting at a computer, noticing that my remix called "A Lake of Stumps and Staubs" got an "Editor's Pick" nod on the website
CC Mixter.
d. walking on the Old Kate Trail, outside Parkville, Missouri, watching Canadian geese fly overhead in droves;
e. sitting in a sushi bar in north KC, eating tempura roll and tuna roll;
f. walking through a toy and science store in Brookside, gazing at "build them yourself" electronics projects;
g. walking through a Cabella's sporting goods store, where the stuffed animals perpetually engaged in carnivorous behavior,
and the remote-control-robo-duck's wings flew in circles;
h. lying in bed in Mission Hills, reading A Confederate General from Big Sur;
i. sitting in a wicker sunroom, meeting a Westie pup called Margaret;
j. sitting on a sofa, playing with a shih tzu pup called Posey Pi;
k. sitting in a living room in the 190s streets, watching two eight year old girls dressed in xmas regalia
dance to the heavy-metal tones emitted in a rather unlikely fashion by a curiously musicalized toy Tonka roadwork machine;
l. driving a borrowed white Jaguar to pick up barbecue for Christmas Eve from Wyandotte BBQ;
m. reading about gizmos in Popular Science in mid-air, while Southwest Airlines proved once again why no "wright amendment" should limit the flights one can fly from Love Field;
n. sitting in a living room, watching kind relatives open gifts and gift bags;
o. sitting in a den, talking to my sister who was en route to Alaska;
p. sitting at a kitchen table eating lo-fat oatmeal, which proved surprisingly good;
q. hiking on Trinity Trail, brown dog in tow, and snapping pictures of cedar trees, in 80 degree boxing day weather;
r. sitting at a computer, setting up someone else's digital camera, which proved easy, making me wonder why I never set up my own;
s. sitting in a car heading to a Christmas function, wishing my father a Merry Christmas by telephone;
t. sitting in a Vietnamese restaurant, decompressing over Spring rolls and pho;
u. riding in an airport limousine, begin regaled with tales of "icy driving with fares on board".
v. standing on an airport moving sidewalk, admiring the mural of Texas scenery;
w. sitting at a tiny table in front of a big screen television, holding forth on the tragic mystery of Brett Fauvre;
x. sitting in a grill called Sharp's, eating a grilled chicken breast;
y. sitting at home, missing gingerbread, noticing that my order of jaws harps arrived;
z. standing in the pet care place, checking out our dog, and hearing how my brother's family's dog just checked in.

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