Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

mirliton nights

I have determined to always write of drought and pestilence, as each post about drought harbinges a rain, and who knows how many butterflies I could wring from the random locust discussion?

This evening I departed from work at a reasonable hour rather than an unreasonable hour so that I might shop for gifts for the impending holiday. I endured a mild frustration, when a chosen item proved to be the last one the store had, which in my view should lead to its sale to the customer wishing it (i.e., to me), but in the store clerk's view meant it should remain on a wall until a new shipment came in later. Then I realized that if my largest problem in life were brooding about a minor item's availability in a store in the holidays, then I should, like those punched cattle in rawhide, get 'em up, move 'em on, rawhide. I left the shopping center pleased with my progress.

I listened to the radio wax grandliloquent about a federal district judge making the rather obvious decision as to the application of the First Amendment to the teaching of religion in schools. As I sit here, I long for other judges to make decisions about the
separation of powers doctrine and also the continued validity of the fourth amendment. Failed presidencies invoking extraordinary powers date as far back as another federalist named John Adams, though, and I have every hope that the latest "ignore the law and do what one wishes" liberties of our current government will end in due course.

We dined on turkey chili, and then I ran to the grocery store to purchase powdered sugar, which all the events of life had conspired to make essential in this house at this crucial juncture in our nation's history. Meanwhile, an internet radio station wrote me to say they'd add my kazoo "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" on their internet station, and I got a strong feeler from a fellow with a short film, who wishes to use my music on the 'track.

Two more days, and the holidays begin.

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