Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

up the charts

I've been pleased with the traffic that my music gets at DisFish Records,
which is devoted to the "copyleft" theories of more open-source distribution of songs.

I've ascended this week to become "number 2" in their top 10, as some 1,000 people in the past month checked out my page of two albums (and a third in progress) there. I notice that every time I get a song onto internet radio, and oftimes when I post a mix on the remixing site, then traffic to both my DisFish Records site and to my album at the Internet Archive increase.

I notice, too, that my soundclick site continues to get traffic. What interests me about that site is the percentage of songs that listeners actually download after hearing. The song "Mind the Gap", my most experimental/oddmusic song, featuring 6 minutes of pulsing duelling electric football fields, has a download-to-listen percentage of over 75 percent. The ratio is not an exact science, some some don't listen but go straight to download. But it's interesting that when one "turns to face the strange", in the words of the old Bowie song, sometimes the strange faces right back at one.

I want to work next on getting onto internet radio one or two of the songs which verian and I have done, under our band name The Thomas Nunnally Ensemble. This material takes my "weird ambient" leanings, and puts them in more of a progressive rock/experimental rock context. I suppose a literal translation of that phrase from gurdonark speak to English is that verian is actually a "real" musician, and not a "use five different softwares and a gangsa from World Market to make something shimmeringly odd" non-musician like myself. It's good to be part of a rock enterprise. It's not quite like being a guitar-hero (though I did enjoy the afternoon spent morphing Verian's guitar into a Bill-Nelson-like-lightning-speed), but it does satisfy some of my secret rockstar cravings. We're about 3 songs short of a full album, whereupon I'll propose we netrelease our album more formally. I have a hankering to sing on one of the tracks, but have not as yet recorded the rhymed poem we'll use as the "baseline" for that song, assuming Verian's nausea level doesn't manifest upon hearing my dulcet tones.

I've also had fun with the work-in-progress I have going on with a visual artist in Florida, who recently took one of my "here's 2 minutes of MIDI and a poem about the song" e mails and turned it into a simply gorgeous bit of ambient pop. Collaboration is such fun, because the results differ so much from one's own aesthetic.

I'm becoming a big fan of this DisFish Records, which is a perfect place for me. I went to their Cafe Press site, and ordered a ballcap, featuring their odd fish-skeleton logo. I'm enjoying this free-form non-rigorous fun-exchange music thing altogether.As my skills catch up with my imagination, I'm looking forward, flattening bus avoided, to doing much more work in this area.

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