Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

submits and plays

I rose early today to submit three poems to an on-line journal I ran across and enjoyed. It's always fun to submit. The polite cover letter, the last look at the departing poems, the sense of "maybe" or "maybe not", depending on the poems. I loved reading this particular journal, which offered a lot of that kind of sinewy,
image-filled accessible poetry which I can't write but love to read. I suppose my poems are accessible, and
I am capable of creating an image, but so often my poems have a kind of weakness in the cartilage and tendons.

I'm enjoying the Wodehouse biography I'm reading, which seems much stornger than the other bio of this author I read some years ago. His story has a lot of human interest--after learning his family could not afford to send him through college, he holds down a day job and writes fanatically until he sells enough to earn a living.
I like to read people who not only can but do. I'm working into the period of his fame now, heading inexorably to the disgrace that awaits him just after the war years. Every life has its triumphs and disgraces. I'm a huge Wodehouse fan, so I have perhaps an extra interest.

At lunch, I went for a walk at Rowlett Creek Nature Preserve. I like to walk it in December, when the leaves have fallen and muscular shrubs and trees reach their limbs down to the ground. I saw two titmouse enjoying their leisure, as well as an armadillo ambling across a burnt-out-weed field.

I got word today that an electric football field song which my friend Scott_M and I did on our first album,
"Mind the Gap", has just been picked up for this month's edition of the Odd Music program at Flat Four Radio, a great UK resource whose internet show features
musicians of odd instruments and styles. We're on the same program with "Ukeleles for Peace", and who could ask for a better act for which to open?

"Mind the Gap" is perhaps the song which works the best on "Vibrating Electric Fields", because it is the least "like a song" and the most "like guys with two electric football fields rocking out". I'm thrilled it's getting new exposure. I can always see internet radio play have an effect, because the download counts on
my on-line work will jump.

I noticed that both "Blue-Eyed Grass" and ""Spiral Wrench of Avarice" have been picked up by the Intelligent Machine internet radio program "NTNS". They're part of a massive 200 hour feed of ambient music.

I sent off the "baseline" to continue one song-creation collaboration, and also got an e amil from womeone whose work I really respect, offering me the chance to perhaps contribute to a song. I'm still enjoying using the combination of musical notation software, a WAV to MIDI converter, and Slicer to explore new sounds.

We began the DVD of the movie about the Red Sox fan tonight, but we decided it must be a two parter, as we flagged in the middle.

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