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dyess and drones

Thank you to all who did for participating in my "paragraph" game.

We had a good lunch at a Pei Wei chain Saturday with my brother and his wife and son. The vietnamese salad spring rolls were very good. I picked up a Wodehouse biography at a Barnes & Noble. Then my wife and I went to buy an artificial tree. Although the sale at the Michael's was forty percent off, we elected to buy a small 4 1/2 foot number. It looks simply grand in our living room now, atop a little end table, covered by a skirt.

Last night my wife went out with two women friends to listen to a pianist at a local establishment. I had originally had big plans for my own evening during "girls night out", but soon the sushi turned into raisin bran, and the radio play "It's a Wonderful Life" turned into "I'll pull out the video before the season's over".
I did my second remix of the day (the other being an ambient one about snow geese). This one is, of all things, a dance track with a Christmas theme. If you'd like to hear it, it's at:

this website.

This afternoon we took young Ted for a walk around Glendover Pond. Then we went to see "Walk the Line", the Johnny Cash biopicture. So much of this film's early scenes took place in Texas and Arkansas places familiar to me that it was like a curious piece of history I did not live, but which lived around me.

Then we came home and ate minute steaks and microwaved potato.

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