Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

2005 in verse

The current meme involves pasting the first line of each month's post. I love to
morph memes to serve my creative ambitions. Thus, I took my first lines and made a poem. It has been aptly said that poetry is more than prose with line breaks, but it has also been aptly suggested that "my poetry" is little more than prose with line breaks. I took the liberty of removing a few articles for ease of use, but otherwise, these are my first lines, rendered into verse.

I present to you, therefore, my poem "2005", a chestnut from the new classic tradition of time-honored doggerel (I love dogs!).


Friday night
we had a very good Korean
with my brother and his wife.

Today things moved
a hectic pace,
from the time
I got to work
until the time
I left for home.
I love
those "friends only" announcements
in other journals,
which often come
with cool graphics.

In past years,
I have celebrated
April 1 with a "bizarro"
post, based upon the beloved
bizarro planet
DC Comics fame.

The shell book said
soak the shells
in a combination of bleach and water,
so that the shells don't perspire,
so my patio bucket is filled with dozens
of tiny shells, all being decontaminated
with a will and a way
which reminds me
the decon scenes of the old movie
"The Andromeda Strain".

I rarely long for great wealth, but
after finishing the book
on the Caddo native American peoples
the sorry tales of exploitation and imperialism,
I wish I had the money to buy
most of northeast Texas,
southwest Arkansas
southeastern Oklahoma
for a gift in reparation.

Today a literal thunderstorm
came out of nowhere,
cooling everything with rain
in just the same way
that the gratifying response
to my last post cooled for me
the Summer heat of my own dearth of ideas.

Tuesday night I took
my nephew to Hibachi Rock,
one of those Japanese grill places.
Today I worked a full day,
then went to the Garland Bar Association.
Odd stuff, this "quiche lorraine".

I've emerged from the wind tunnel
a number of hearings
other attention-consuming matters,
after a rather busy October.

I love mountains, as most people do.

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