Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

tangible products on-line

My musical collaboration with verian is coming along very nicely, achieving a kind of progressive rock
sound that I certainly cannot achieve on my own thus far.
We now have two new songs at The Thomas Nunnally Ensemble Soundclick site, which are fun. One, 5Rs, has a kind of Kinks guitar meets progressive rock air that is quite fun. As always, anything of worth is my collaborator's credit, and any sound glitch is my own flaw.

I got a kind note, comment and weblog mention from a local
Collin County weblog about my ambient album, "Collin County". This album is nearly finished, but I want to do two or three more songs. It's gotten good traffic at DisFish Records, where I sit now at number 4 among their artists, at least for the moment.

In the meantime, I've started doing remixes at CC Mixter that feature actual dance beats. I love to dance, but dance music is not usually my road to reality. But if you can't be Gumby sometimes, why be at all?

My latest ccmixter remix, "Tangible Products On Line", features this great spoken-word
piece by a fellow who runs a site called No greater sport I've ever met than a fellow who will approve use of his discussion on on-line marketing in a dance track.
Bravo for kind people. I am now tempted to do an entire album of dance music, so that I can be my own party.

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