Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

friday on my mind

Today I completed a vigorous and difficult week. My wife came to my office, in a cool new party dress, and we drove to Eastern Hills Country Club for the Garland Bar Association annual holiday party. We sat with a law partner and his wife, and two local dignitaries and spouses, all nice folk. I enjoyed chicken and vegetables, and gave the bread pudding a reluctant miss.

I'm a bit quirky, of that species that makes me imagine that I'm uniquely quirky, but weblogging taught me that I'm ubiquitously quirky. I love conversation and conviviality in some settings, but in other settings, I turn into that quiet, attentive, wordless guy. I did love the chance to wear my printed tie with the stylish windows and shutters printed on it. When the doors of perception close, one finds ingress through silken windows.

I admire any band with a mean harmonica and a bandleader (with a J.D.) who uses the word "cross-collateralization" in a song intro. But I will never see "Blue Christmas" as any sort of Christmas song.
I prefer the song "Thank God it's not Christmas", although in fact I love Christmas.

We stayed for dinner, the speechless speechifying (I love our bar, where we don't really give speeches) and shook a hand or two, and then departed. This is virtually the only party I attend annually. Disney Radio has been playing a bowdlerized "let's get it started in here" all week. Now I can click my heels three times, and be in Kansas. I had this power all along, you see.

On the Kansas front, Congress made it legal for Southwest Airlines to fly from Dallas to Kansas City non-stop.
We now can fly to my wife's dad's home for Christmas at a fraction of the former cost. I love driving up the prairie, but I'll love low fares on the lux luv plan even better.

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