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in consolation

When the bell rang, and
we headed out to recess,
we instantly formed two kickball teams
to play our uneven games.

One, perpetually
the kicking team,
had the best kids,
and as to that team,
by acclamation of that team,
in which we all acquiesced,
the rules for strikes and outs
never applied.

Our team, the fielding team,
had to watch, helpless,
while the other team scored,
or called out "doesn't count"
when a kick went astray.
Our innings never ended;
we never came to bat.

I became a perpetual fielder
watching others score.

I still live my life
fielding while others kick,
a simple life of consolation prizes and
quiet, self-sufficient escapes.

Like the boy I used to be, I find
myself still granting the clever kids
the "at bat", finding what comfort I can
in the rather ordinary butterflies
in right field, in the moments
I am not chasing others' kickballs.
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